Release Process

To release a new version of Yarn

  • Make sure current master branch is green on Circle and Travis

Currently, building a release is a two-step process - Most stuff is built on Linux, and some Windows-specific stuff (such as the Windows installer) is built on Windows. In the future, we’ll automate more of this process

On Linux:

  1. ./scripts/
  2. Build Debian and RPM packages: ./scripts/
  3. Attach .deb and .rpm files from artifacts directory to the Github release

On Windows:

  1. Build Yarn like normal (yarn install && yarn run build)
  2. powershell .\scripts\build-dist.ps1
  3. Build Windows installer: yarn run build-win-installer
    • TODO: Add Authenticode signing for installer (#619)
  4. Build Chocolately package: yarn run build-chocolatey
  5. Attach resulting .msi file from artifacts directory to Github release
  6. Upload Chocolatey package (in the future we should automate this).
    • Note: Only do this once the MSI is attached to the Github release, as Chocolatey pulls the MSI via the download link
    • Also note: Modifying the MSI after uploading the Chocolatey package will break the Chocolatey package, as it contains a hash of the MSI. Make sure to always update both at the same time!

Once all artifacts are attached to release (.tar.gz, .deb, .rpm and .msi)

  1. Bump latest_version in _config.yml on the website. This updates the download URLs (/latest.tar.gz etc) to point to the new release.
  2. To update Debian/Ubuntu and CentOS repos, run ./ in releases repo then push changes
    • Requires GPG keys to be installed (6963F07F for RPM and 9D41F3C3 for Debian). Currently Daniel holds the private keys for these, ask him for the private keys if you need them.

To patch existing version of Yarn

  • Switch to released branch git checkout 0.x-stable, e.g 0.7-stable
  • Cherry-pick fixes from master branch
  • Tag the new release npm version patch, it will create a commit with changed package.json and tag v0.xx.1 to that commit
  • Push to origin git push origin 0.x-stable --follow-tags

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